Going Inactive

Posted by: Frag Sponge
13th March 2008

Unfortunately my Counterstrike Source no longer works meaning I'll be indefinitely inactive. I'll still be a part of the clan but will take on a more managerial role.

This means the lads can recruit some players as it has been difficult getting a full team at any one given time.

Steam Image

EnemyDown Roundup

Posted by: Molly Puss
5th March 2008

Today we set out two open challenges, as after our heavy loss against Syntax we were looking to regroup. Two clans accepted, #haZe.css and For Fcuk $ake. Both matches were rollercoasters with highs and lows, a true adrenalin rush to keep us on our toes.

My ping looked to be holding alright so I managed to play both games (at last!).

EnemyDown Image

New Site Design

Posted by: Fr4gZ
3rd March 2008

Welcome to the new Supreme Gaming website. It's been redesigned for a sleeker, sexier look. The old site was quite dated and boring. We've got some exciting new features to show you.

Check it out!

And much love to Doc. J for the banner <3

New Site Image

Supreme Gaming vs Aspect

Posted by: ReCoiL
1st March 2008

We took on the prodigious Aspect clan in a match on Dust 2. With both clans being a part of the Fr4gZ.co.uk community we were excited and looking forward to the match.

The match was an eventful one with both teams playing well, in the end however only one team was victorious.

Supreme Gaming vs KillerInstincts Image

Supreme Gaming vs KillerInstincts

Posted by: Fr4gZ
28th February 2008

We played a match on our beloved map office. Having played the map so many times on public we were quietly confident. Read more to see what happened in detail.

Supreme Gaming vs KillerInstincts Image

Wombat's CS:S Movie

Posted by: necr0z
26th February 2008

Wombat from the clan -=XX=- and Fr4gZ.co.uk community made his first ever counterstrike source movie from the Fragmasters deathmatch free for all competition. He couldn't play properly because of his 400 ping (Tiscali ftl) so he went to have fun instead. It is a very funny movie and excellent attempt, well worth the download.



Source Samurai Legend of the Swordquality

Wombat's CS:S Movie Image

EnemyDown Roundup

Posted by: TSF
25th February 2008

This week saw us beat two clans convincingly, winning the first game 22-8 and the second 29-1. We're growing from strength to strength. Those wins saw us fly past the top 100 and currently we are sitting on 76th position.

A mini celebration for us as it shows just how far we've come in a short space of time, well done everyone!

EnemyDown Image

Nuked's Departure

Posted by: |MKO|
19th February 2008

Nuked, founder and co clan leader of Supreme Gaming has left the clan. He felt he needed to move on and to do something else for now.

This is a sad moment to us because he is a great guy and a great *cough* player *cough*.

Roster Image

Supreme Gaming vs Probably Human

Posted by: Fr4gZ
3rd February 2008

This was quite a funny incident. We managed to secure a default win due to the team not showing up. There is more to the story however, click read to find out more.

EnemyDown Image

Roster Change

Posted by: Frag Sponge
1st February 2008

After long discussions we would like to welcome both TSF (The Striking Fool) and Ickle to the clan. They've both proved themselves to be good, competent players and with them we'll be looking to achieve greater heights.

On a sadder note we see the departure of MfB, good luck buddy!

And finally we played our 3rd entry ladder match and lost heavily, lessons are to be learnt.

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First EnemyDown Match

Posted by: Molly Puss
26th January 2008

Well having played our first ever EnemyDown match in the Entry ladder I'm delighted to report we won it convincingly. We put out a strong team as we didn't know what to expect however our disciplined gameplay and teamwork showed. All those hours of whoring Dust 2 paid off!

EnemyDown Image